People encountering the grace of the living God.

Is the church closing?

No, First Lutheran Church, Albany, is not closing. We have been worshipping as Evangelical Lutherans in Albany since before 1649. We continue to worship every Sunday morning at 10 am, both in-person at 181 Western Ave. and online. We expect to be gathering to worship in Albany for many years to come.

Then what’s with the “For Sale” sign?

Our current physical properties, including the land and buildings at and around 181 Western Ave., are larger than we are able to use effectively for the mission of the church, and the maintenance and management of them is in fact distracting us from the mission of the church. So, we are looking to sell some or all of our property. We hope that selling our property will support relocation to a different site and fund an endowment for the ongoing mission and ministry of the congregation.

What’s next for First Lutheran?

We are still discerning where God is calling us and what is next. We believe that we are called together by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the grace of the living God in word and in deed in Albany. Relocating is not new for us—our current facility is at least the 5th church building, and at least the 7th physical building, occupied by this congregation since 1649. We are stepping into this transition not sure of what’s next, but sure that God is with us and calls us forward together.

Our Mission Statement

We are a metropolitan parish committed to Christ-centered ministry in the city of Albany, New York. We rejoice in the manner in which God has graced us with unity in a glorious diversity. We welcome all to share in the life and ministry of First Lutheran regardless of age, race, socio-economic or marital status, physical or mental capabilities, or sexual orientation.

We are a “Reconciling in Christ” congregation and as such we are dedicated to being sanctuary (safe-haven) to all God’s people. We are also committed in the name of Jesus to work for justice and peace in our neighborhood, in our community, and throughout the world.

(Adopted June 19, 2005)

I’m interested in First Lutheran’s property, who do I contact?

Our broker is Jeffrey D’Amore with Pyramid Brokerage Company, a member of the Cushman & Wakefield Alliance. He can be contacted by phone at 518-954-9160 or email at