People encountering the grace of the living God.

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The Pentecost window is the last in the series surrounding the nave of the church, and is located closest to the lectern. The disciples of Jesus are seen on the day of Pentecost as they receive the Holy Spirit, symbolized by the dove and the flames. God’s Word, inspired by the Spirit, is read at every service from the lectern nearby.

Cresting the lower portion of the last window is the present Seal of the City of Albany, dating from 1789. Directly beneath, and continuing the congregation’s history, is the First Lutheran Church which stood at Pine and Lodge Streets from 1870 to 1334. During its period of service, it saw the initiation of a long line of loyal societies and organizations; it marked the appearance of First Lutheran’s First deaconess, Sister Margaret Gundrum; and it heralded the age of radio with regular Sunday service broadcasts. Half-imposed upon the rendering of it is Redeemer Lutheran Church, the little chapel on Lake Avenue, now supplanted by the Elouise Apartments. Not until the middle of the nineteen twenties did the uptown (Redeemer) and the downtown (First Lutheran) congregations consolidate into one.

Proceeding clockwise is the Friendship House, which is shown in its present location on State Street. Its facilities have served spiritually and secularly, as its basement contains bowling alleys and a gymnasium, and the balcony of the main hall at one time housed a projection booth for motion pictures. Services of the church were held in Friendship House from 1929 until 1954. Sounder economic times saw fulfillment of the twenty-five-year wish of the congregation to complete its construction plans for First Lutheran on Western Avenue. Forming the downstroke of the letter “T,” the present-day church adjoins Friendship House and is accessible through it.

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