People encountering the grace of the living God.

New Members/Disciples

We use the term Disciple/Member at First because we feel that this is what is implied in the idea of church membership, that we are about the mission of training disciples for Jesus Christ. We point to last chapter of St. Matthew and the Great Commission where Jesus sends his disciples into the world saying “make disciples of all Nations…”

What our individual discipleship might look like will be determined in large part by our own gifts and talents and how we might put them to use in the Kingdom of God.

But in common we like to talk about the six marks of discipleship as outlined in the book Power Surge by Pastor Michael Foss.

•  Pray daily.

•  Worship weekly.

•  Routinely read and study the Bible.

•  Give sacrificially.

•  Volunteer time and talents at and beyond FLC.

•  Regularly be in holy conversation with other believers.