People encountering the grace of the living God.

 Come Ye After Me And I Will Make You To Become Fishers of Menwin6_jpg

Having circled around the rear of the nave, we now start back toward the front on the west side. The first such window at the rear continues the story of Jesus’ ministry: the calling of Simon Peter and his brother Andrew to be the first two apostles. Peter and Andrew are shown in the boat with their net in the water (Mark I:1G); there are three fish visible in the net. Jesus stands on the shore, calling to them. Behind Him is a pictograph showing the Cross, the Holy Bible, two more fish and the anchor of hope.

In diagonal opposition to the cross in the upper left corner is the cross being planted by Captain Jens Munck (According to Danish historians the correct spelling of the captain’s name was Munk). Although the lower portion of this window chronologically predates the previous two, the parallel between ships and early ministrations is noteworthy.

In 1619 sixty-six men from Denmark, one of whom was the Reverend Rasmus Jensen, the first Lutheran pastor to serve in North America, sailed into Hudson Bay in search of a northwest passage to the Orient, The small expedition, led by Captain Jens Munck, wintered at what is now Churchill, Manitoba, and even held a traditional Danish Christmas service on the barren soil of the new land. The severity of the winter months, however, was far greater than they had anticipated, and of the sixty-six who commenced the voyage, only three survived to tell about it back in Denmark.

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